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AI Expo 2019 at a glance

  • Innovative AI Projects
  • Paper Presentations
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Attractive Prizes and National Level Recognition

The expo will be a platform that fosters active collaboration between experts and learners from industry and academia. The goal is to discuss opportunities and challenges in the industry, come up with practical/ethical solutions, and help the AI ecosystem grow.

Important Dates

  • 24May
    Application Open
  • 14June
    Application Submission Deadline
  • 24June
    Results Announcement
  • 28June
  • 5July
    Mentorship I
  • 12July
    Mentorship II
  • 19July
    Mentorship III
  • 26July
    Mentorship IV
  • 24Aug
    AI EXPO 2019

Selection Criteria

  • Application must be submitted in teams
  • A team must consist of 3-5 members
  • Status of project/paper must be disclosed
  • Application must be submitted within deadline

Prerequisites for Participation

  • Participating teams must represent an institution (Academic or Company)
  • Team should have a prototype ready for development or a technically sound and feasible idea that can be developed into a working prototype or a finished product
  • Participants must possess programming skills
  • Research paper on team project must be published in an academic journal

Learning Resources for Participants of AIExpo

The resources mentioned below are intended for different target audiences. Based on the level of proficiency of the student and the time they are able to invest in learning, either of the courses may be preferable.

Our Beneficiaries

The expo will bring immense benefits to academia and industry by bringing them both under the same roof and facilitate an environment that fosters active collaboration.


  • Platform to showcase products and services
  • Product Development Ideas
  • PR and Recruitment opportunities


  • Active learning opportunities
  • Platform to showcase ideas or prototypes
  • Networking and placement opportunities

AI Professionals/Practitioners

  • Platform to showcase products or research papers
  • Collaborate with academia and industry experts
  • Networking and recruitment/placement opportunities

Featured Press