What is AI Expo?

  • The first and biggest expo on AI about to occur till date that will bring together freelancers, academia and AI experts, as well as businesses and organizations from across the country and provide an exhibition ground for them to showcase and cutting edge and socially impactful AI projects.

I am a company/business. How can I get involved?

  • If you have a team, they can participate in the competition to build upon a prototype you already have or even assemble a prototype from scratch

How can I participate?

  • You can participate as part of a team representing either industry or academia.

Is the event free?

  • The event is free to attend.

What are the benefits?

  • Active learning opportunity from experts in the industry
  • Take part in a competition where they can build AI powered prototypes under professional guidance for a chance to win a grand cash prize that can serve as a shining piece in their portfolio of projects
  • Find an opportunity to collaborate and network with other like minded individuals from the community
  • Finally gain a global platform to market themselves to potential recruiters as well as an exhibition ground to showcase their innovative, cutting edge and socially impactful projects for career advancement.
  • Platform for companies to develop and showcase projects integrating AI

Can I participate individually?

  • You need to be part of a team of at least three people in order to participate.

Will I receive mentorship?

  • Mentorship will be provided by experts from the AI industry.

I have a finished AI product. Can I apply to exhibit?

  • Yes you definitely apply for the exhibit even if you have a finished AI product.

I do not have a team. Can I join one?

  • You already need to have a team of your own as we do not assign individuals to any team.

What are the prerequisites for participation?

  • Participants need to have the following to take part in the event:
    • A viable prototype already built
    • Research articles about the prototype published in journals
    • A sound and feasible idea
  • The first two items on the list will be given more priority than third one

What is the criteria of selection?

  • Participants get selected based on the following criteria:
    • Applications must be submitted in forms of teams
    • Categories of teams: Academia, Industry, AI Professional/Practitioners
    • A team must consist of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 members
    • Team members must possess programming skills
    • Stage of completion of product/prototype